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A Lesson in Teamwork

     There once was a very prominent frog living at Lake Murray near Columbia.  This particular frog owned a great many lily pads there.  One day he heard about all the activity taking place at Lake Norman with the development, fishing tournaments, and the great quality of life.  He knew he just had to be a part of North Carolina’s premier region.  But how could he get up here?

     He could not hop his way up I-77.  It was simply too far.  So the frog struck up a conversation with Mr. Duck.  The frog admired the way Mr. Duck could take to the air landing pretty much where he liked.  The frog was a wise and shrewd little guy and asked Mr. Duck for a favor.  “On you next trip up North, could you drop me off at Lake Norman,” asked the frog.  “How could I,” inquired Mr. Duck.

     “You could put a stick in your beak and I will hold onto it with my mouth,” explained the frog.  “Together as a team we can sail through the sky and I can go to live at Lake Norman!”  So off they went, the duck and the frog, high above the ground.

     Just then a flock of geese flew by.  One of the geese saw the majestic duck and the little frog.  He admired such teamwork and exclaimed, “Look at that!  Who could have ever thought of such a plan?  They must have been visionary and wise beyond their years…such creativity and imagination.  I wonder who devised such a plan?

  The little frog beamed with pride.  “It was me…it was me,” he shouted as he opened his mouth and plunged to the ground below.

     The essence of teamwork is to leave self-adulation and egos at the door.  Everyone likes to be acknowledged for a job well done.  We like others to recognize the talents and skills we bring to a project.  However, the most successful ventures are when we all work together for a common goal, supporting each others actions, without striving for personal acclaim.  Past President Ronald Reagan used to have a paperweight on his desk in the Oval Office that read – “There is no limit what can be accomplished, if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.”

     It was a lesson the frog should have learned before he took to the air.  It is a lesson each of us should try to practice in our daily lives.

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