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Show and Tell

 A9FI6ZDCAVGQ4WOCAN4BY1PCAOD26CBCAH8E45SCA33BWRJCATQ7XQUCA5UE43FCATODTJOCANKLO1ECANKS2VZCA5D0953CAQAS8KWCAJMVN6KCANVUWPTCAMCHGTZCAQXCWCUCAKB3A98CA3XNIHZCA8D9CX1A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting a friend when just before bedtime his little boy Bobby popped his head around the corner to tell him goodnight.  After hugging him tightly to his chest, the dad asked little Bobby if he wanted to show me his project for school in the morning.  The new day brought his first “show and tell experience” in front of the class.     Almost in an instant Bobby was back with a little box of shark’s teeth he and Tim collected on the beach during their summer vacation.  It was a collection they started a couple of summers ago.

I listened as Bobby pulled each tooth out carefully describing in wide eyed wonder just what that shark must have looked like.  “This guy was huge…”, he explained, with a special emphasis on huge as he held out his biggest tooth.    I too recalled when I was in grade school, I was asked to bring something or someone of significance to school the next day to share with the class.  As a precocious little tike, I decided to bring “myself”.

As the first born child, my mother took great pains to detail every significant event of my childhood.  My baby book was filled with photos and captions detailing the particular moment.  I can still recall taking the baby book down from the shelf and stripping many of the photos from the book and creating my own little project.     The next morning I shared with my classmates the most significant something or someone to me – “me”!  Not satisfied with my mother’s captions, I created a new explanation for each photo, each with their own creative and adventurous story.

Much to my mother’s chagrin, those photos never made their way back to their original origin, perhaps strewn across some playground somewhere.  Needless to say she was never happy about that.   Perhaps Bobby will one day collect shark’s teeth on the beach with his little boy or girl.  Regardless, the experience walking hand in hand with his dad, doing something together, will always hold a treasured place in his heart.  It is an experience he will never forget.


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