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Those who do not hear the music might think the dancer mad

Poems – Bill Russell

The Old Man

The old man sits in a booth by day
drinking his whiskey dry

He waits for another chance to say
give me my peace before I die

A face weathered by days spent alone
nights spent waiting by the phone

and all that has happened
and all that has passed

the old man waits
and the old man is gone.


I don’t know

I don’t know if it’s sunny or blue
I don’t know if I’m starting or through
All I know is nothing is true.


Left Alone

Silence creeps like a thief in the night
chasing the darkness from the light
shadows on the arms which held you tight
left untouched

Pictures of people I no longer know
captured moments from a long time ago
frozen memories I dare not show
left forgotten

Tears still stain the sheets on our bed
Old tattered letters I’ve often read
Items in a box from the day we wed
left behind

Now  I sit here out of sight
secluded in the shadows of the night
scotch colored memories dim the light
left alone


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