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Vote Tuesday November 3rd!

usflagIt’s that time of year when election signs have been outnumbering the real estate, yard sale, and lose the weight placards which pop up around intersections.  Incumbents smile at everything you say and actually claim they’re glad you said it.  Newcomers to the political scene state they are going to straighten things out and you can be pretty sure someone wants to stretch your budget just a little more with new taxes or fees.

The electorate is a funny thing.  In most cases we will travel around the world to fight for democracy, but we sometimes will not take the time to vote in an election.  Voters recognize a name on a ballot and cast their vote, sometimes without any real knowledge of those candidates’ views.    The Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce has held three candidate forums to give our communities a chance to hear those views and the local papers have done a great job of focusing on their qualifications.  Now it’s up to the registered voters to decide who will lead their communities.

Some may ask, “Why bother to vote?”  Our local government affects our homes and businesses directly.  Local government provides the fire and police protection, takes up the trash, and sets the tax rates.  Through zoning, they determine what type of business locates where, how they operate, and how they market that operation.    Perhaps no single election will impact your business and your life as much as this local election where you have the opportunity to elect town officials and school board

On Tuesday November 3rd, please take the time to vote for the candidate of your choice.  Make your own decision that best represents your views and interest in town and education matters.  Weigh carefully how their election could impact your business and your family.  Remember – the only bad decisions are made by those who don’t take the time to make them.

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